Hi there!

My name is Mylène and I am a french director, art director, animator and illustrator.

  • I work essentially on videoclips and advertizing as a director and/or animator for studios/agencies. I'm very proud to be represented as an animation director by in France.
  • Clients:

    Eddy    Gymshark   Golden Wolf    Mathematic

    Les Petits fabricants    Feed Me Light    La Femme Fatale    Prima Linéa

  • I am also an independant illustrator.

    I am a graduate from Emile Cohl school (2016) and from fine art school in Aix-en-Provence (2013).

  • Feel free to contact me for any job proposal or request, I'd love to hear your project:)

    You can email me there:

    Let's get in touch!